How To Add a Watermark Using Picmonkey

How To Add a Watermark Using Picmonkey

In my last post I showed you How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey. Today I’m going to show you how to add that watermark into your photos using picmonkey.

Step 1:

Open PicMonkey and hover over the “Edit” button, then choose where you want to pull your photo from. More than likely you’ll be getting your photo from your computer, but you can also pull it from any of the other options seen here.

How to add a watermark using picmonkey

Step 2:

Next, go to the “Overlay” tab that looks like a butterfly on the left hand side. Click on “Add your own” and open the file that contains the watermark that you want to use. Once it’s open you can place it where you’d like and then you can adjust the fade of the overlay.

I like to adjust the fade because you’re going to have some light backgrounds and some dark. You want your watermark to be easily seen but not overtake the photo. It’s easy to achieve this when you use the fade option.

How to add a watermark using picmonkey

Step 3:

This step is optional. Depending on what you’re going to be doing with your photo, you may want to resize it. Click on the “Basic Edits” button, on the top left hand side, then click the “Resize” button and change the dimensions.

How to add a watermark using picmonkey

Step 4:

The last step is to save your work! Viola, that’s it!

How to add a watermark using picmonkey

Now you’ll be able to easily add the watermark(s) that you created to your photographs! I would love to see your work on my Facebook Page!


How to Create a Free & Easy Watermark Using Picmonkey

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey

I have recently sparked an interest in photography since I started taking my own photos for the blog. I’m by no means a professional, but I really wanted to show off my photos on social media. I didn’t want my photos to get stolen, so I decided to figure out how to create a free watermark. Picmonkey is my go to website for any type of free photo editing or graphic design.

Picmonkey is my go to website for any type of free photo editing or graphic design. Click To Tweet

Step 1:

First, you will want to open PicMonkey and hover over “design” and then click on “square”.

How to create a watermark using PicMonkey

Step 2:

Once you click the square it will look like this. Click on “Resize” and then make it whatever size you would like. Make sure that the “Keep Proportions” button is checked.

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey

Step 3:

Next, if you’d like a photo or color swatch underneath your text you’ll want to add an overlay. Click on the little butterfly icon and then “My Computer” if you already have an image that you want to use. You can also choose from picmonkey’s library of free or premium overlays.

If you don’t want to use an overlay then you can skip to Step 4.

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey
This is the overlay that I chose and what it looked like once I added it.

Step 4:

Next, you’ll add your text. Click on the “text” icon on the left hand side. Then, choose the font that you want to use. You can either choose from fonts that you have loaded on your computer or from picmonkey’s great selection. After you choose your font, click the “Add text” button and type the name for your watermark. You can use as many text boxes as needed. I used 3 for this project; 1 for “my”, 1 for “Messy” and 1 for “little nest” so that I could manipulate them how I needed.

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey

Step 5:

Once your text is created, go to the “Edits” screen on the top left hand side of the screen. Click on “canvas color” and then the box that says “Transparent canvas,” then the “Apply” button. You’ll know that you’ve done it correctly when the background turns grey and white checkered.

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey

Step 6:

You’re almost done! The last thing that we want to do is save our work. Click the “save” button at the top of the screen. Name your project and then make sure that it’s saved in .png format. I’ve learned from trial and error that if you save it in .jpg it will not have the transparent background.

How to create a free and easy watermark using picmonkey

That’s it, you’re done! I hope that you feel confident now in creating your own free and easy watermark for your photographs. I would love to see your creations on my Facebook page!

Picmonkey is my go to website for any type of free photo editing or creating.




Sensory Boxes in My Messy Little Nest


How can I keep them busy?

This morning I was trolling Pinterest to try to find something fun for the toddlers to do indoors. I kept seeing these sensory box things. I’ve seen them before and they look fun, I’ve just never put one together. I decided that today was the day that our boys would experience a sensory box.

I found some old pearl barley in the kitchen that I was just going to throw away so I tossed that into a container with some bright buttons that I had. Originally I was going to put some bulldozers in there so that they could push around the buttons, but we couldn’t  find any (shocker) so we settled with cars.Sensory Boxes in My Messy Little Nest

I sat the box on the floor in the living room so that it as easily accessible to both of the boys. They actually had a lot of fun with it! They were pushing the cars through the barley and running it through their fingers. There was laughing and giggling rather than yelling and screaming at each other. I kind of knew that it was too good to be true, but I just went with it; they were having fun and that’s all that really matters.

While they were quietly playing I was drinking my coffee and checking all of my social media pages. I turned around saw that they had put a bit of the barley and buttons on the carpet. I told them that it was supposed to stay in the box. They continued playing and before I knew it the box was dumped out all over the floor! I was annoyed but they were still getting along and having fun together. I decided that it was a battle that I wasn’t going to fight. They were bonding and that was more important than the mess that I would have to clean up.

Pros vs. Cons


It was fun

They were bonding

It gave me a bit of quiet time



Made for work for me to clean up

Sensory Boxes in My Messy Little Nest


I think that I will probably try more sensory boxes with them in the future. Yes, it made a mess but I think that the pros outweighed the cons of it. I think that if you’re able to keep a close eye on your little one as they’re playing you could probably avoid a big mess!




Family Reunion On The Farm

Family Reunion on the Farm

This past weekend my husbands side of the family all got together to celebrate his grandfathers 90th birthday.

They couldn’t even remember the last time that everyone had all been together without at least one person missing. It was so fun to watch all 7 children interact and listen to all of the laughs and stories from the adults. I think that Pops really enjoyed having everyone all together again.

We all stayed at my husbands Aunts farm in Indiana. She had our day jam packed with fun! I was a little bit worried that it may be rushed when she told me everything that she had planned but it all went seamlessly. We started out our morning with breakfast sandwiches and/or crepes that were made by my mother in law. There were some people eating inside at the table and some were sitting outside on the deck by the fire with coffee in hand. It was the perfect way to start our morning!

Laughing, Living and Loving

While everyone was getting ready, my husband started cooking the pulled pork in the brick oven. I took our 2 little boys down to the front pasture to look at the horses with my mother in law and niece. They all loved watching the horses and petting the donkeys when they came to the fence.

After the kiddos were done watching the animals we went across the road to the creek. It was to chilly outside to go for a dip, but they enjoyed listening to the water and watching it flow over the rocks.Avalon Farm 2016

Once we headed back up to the house we noticed that the tractor was ready for the hay ride!

All of the children and their parents loaded onto the trailer and we headed back down to the creek. We drove through it to the other side where the field is. We went around the field and stopped to let the boys out so that they could check out the trails. The 2nd time that we let them out they saw 2 deer in the trails with them. They though that was the most awesome thing ever.

Avalon Farm Family Reunion After we were done with the hayride we went back up to the house and had a lumberjack competition between the men. They had to choose which axe they wanted to use, then they each had 3 pieces of wood that they had to split. Whoever split all 3 the fastest won. It was a very clever way of getting some work done on the farm while also having fun!

There were pumpkins hidden in the area that the lumberjack competition was, so after that was finished all of the children had a chance to run around and find pumpkins. Once they found them all they had the opportunity to chop them open! There are 5 boys and 2 girls, so this was right up their ally. Don’t worry… this was all done with the help of their dads. They also had the opportunity to choose what they wanted to use, like the men did. Our oldest son used his axe that he chops wood with at home. It took him a few tries but he eventually split it in half. Our nephew chose a big axe and he did a clean split on the first try! The younger boys all used different tools, depending on what their dads thought was best. I think that this was a highlight for all of the boys!

Once the lumberjack competitions were over we had all kinds of fun games planned.

There were potato sack races, three legged races, balloon races, etc. It was a good way to have the adults and the children doing things together. It was very funny to watch the adults and the children do the three legged race together! My husbands aunt was doing the three legged race with our 3 year old and at one point was lifting him up by one arm! He thought it was hilarious! There were many many laughs and memories made.

When the races were finished we had lunch together and then it was nap time for our two little dudes and the baby. While they wereFamily Reunion 2016 all sleeping the older children painted a plaster cake that my husbands uncle made. It was such a cute idea to include the children in the celebration of their great grandpa’s (Pops) 90th birthday celebration. They did such a great job painting that he though it was the real cake! After they were done painting the cake they were all given a small canvas and were asked to paint the cake on the canvas. I think that some painted the cake, but most of them just painted desserts that they enjoy. Our oldest son has a lot of fun with that project; he loves painting and worked really hard on the first canvas. He made a chocolate chip cookie and a brownie on a plate.

Once everyone was done relaxing and painting we went back outside and saddled up 2 of the horses.

We took them both down to the arena and all of the children were able to take rides. They each rode around the arena twice and then it was someone else’s turn. They were each given a cup of water and their goal was to hold on to the cup of water and see who had the most left when they got back. They all had fun with that little competition.

Family Reunion 2016I was talked into getting on one of the horses. I know the basics of riding a horse, I grew up around horses and mules that my uncle had but never had any formal lessons or rode consistently, so I’m not the best. This horse ride was doomed from the start! I put my foot in the stirrup to get up and apparently it wasn’t fastening for adults so I just slid right down the side of the horse. Everyone laughed, including myself and they fixed it so that I was able to actually get on the horse. Once I was up I realized that it wasn’t a real saddle, it was basically a foam pad on the horses back, I’ve never used something like this so I was a little nervous, but I did it anyway. I was able to get the horse into the arena but he didn’t have a bit in which is what I’m used to steering with. I had my husband yelling at me to do something with my foot, then his aunt telling me to lean forward a little bit because the ropes were tied short. I was all kinds of confused and frustrated, I could feel my anxiety rising. As I was going around a corner my husbands uncle came in front of me with his horse and started cantering… what does my horse do??? He tries to keep up!!! This wasn’t the first time that had happened to me, so I anticipated it. If I had a normal saddle on I think that I would have been ok, but I didn’t have anything to hold onto and I freaked out. I don’t know what I said, I just remember yelling and saying “I don’t know what I’m doing!!!!” and holding on to the horse for dear life. Of course everyone thought it was hiiiilarious! I was shaking and doing everything that I could not to cry, but I pulled it together and shook it off. We made it to front of the arena and I got off that horse as fast as I could!

Once we were done riding the horses it was time for dinner. We all went back up to the house and got ready to eat our pulled pork together as a family. It was the perfect ending to a perfect day filled with Laughing, Learning and Loving together.

It was the perfect ending to a perfect day filled with Laughing, Learning and Loving together. Click To Tweet


FlipStir Puzzle Review

FlipStir Puzzle Review

FlipStir Puzzle ReviewIf your children are anything like mine they always need something to do in the car. If they enjoy doing puzzles then they’ll love the FlipStir puzzle! It’s perfect for the car or just for quiet time in general.If they enjoy doing puzzles then they'll love the FlipStir puzzle! It's perfect for the car or… Click To Tweet

The FlipStir Puzzle is essentially a plastic tube with half moon shape pieces inside that have pictures on them creating the puzzle pieces. Then, there is a stir stick through the top that is used to manipulate the pieces into place. You just move the tube and use the stick to get the puzzle pieces where they need to be. I personally don’t have the patience for it, but my husband had it figured out in less than 5 minutes!

FlipStir CollageThis puzzle is perfect for long trips because there won’t be any loose pieces in the car that will get lost which will inevitably end up in tears while driving down the road. It will also keep them busy for quite awhile, which, lets be honest… isn’t that what every parent wants! 🙂 It’s also great just for some quiet time at home. It won’t make a mess and the stir stick fits completely back inside the jar so it’s very easy to find a home for. There’s nothing better than something that will keep the kiddos occupied for awhile and doesn’t make a mess.. at all!

This puzzle is for ages 7 and up and I completely agree with this. Our 9 year old was playing with it and it was a little challenging for him. He wasn’t in the mood at the time to sit down and try to figure it out, but he does play with it in the car. It keeps him busy for a good 5-10 minutes when he’s in the mood to do puzzles. If your child isn’t a puzzle fan than this probably isn’t the best toy for them as they’ll probably just get frustrated and never touch it again.


Available in 4 designs:
Level 1 “Rainbow Pencils”
Level 1 “Tyrannosaurus Rex”
Level 2 “Solar System”
Level 2 “Statue of Liberty”

FlipStir Puzzle is the winner of:

2015 Creative Child Magazine “Puzzle of the Year”
2015 Seal of Approval from The National Parenting Center
2015 Family Choice Awards Winner
2014 Tillywig “Brain Child” award
2014 Creative Child Magazine “Game of the Year – Puzzle Games Category”
Toy Man News & Reviews – The Toy Man “Seal of Approval,” The Toy Man “Award of Excellence,” The Toy Man “Editor’s Choice,” The Toy Man “Award of Recognition,” The Toy Man “S.T.E.M. Award,” and The Toy Man “Mom Approved” Award

Cost: $24.95

The FlipStir Puzzle can be ordered online at

You can also go here to see if there is a store in your state that carries them!

I took a break, but I’m back!!!

I'm Back

I'm BackI decided to take a break from blogging to spend the holiday season with my family, but I’m ready to get back at it! I hope that you all had a wonderful break with your familys.

We were fortunate enough to have my husband home for a few weeks. The boys loved having daddy come home every night after work, or waking up with him on the days that he had off. I can’t say that we really did anything super special while we were on break, but we were all together, all the time and that’s all that I care about!

Christmas morning was fun this year because it’s the first year that our 2-year-old actually understands about Santa and what’s going on. The boys decided that they wanted to have a “sleep over” in the 2 little guys room on Christmas Eve, so we took our 8 year olds mattress and put it on the floor. It worked out perfectly! They all went to sleep really well, and we were able to have them all in a bedroom that has a door that closed lol. I don’t think that I’ve mentioned it on here yet, but we’ve been in the process of renovating our house for about 3 years now, and our oldest son hasn’t had a bedroom door for almost 2 years. I’m happy to say that my husband has finally gotten the doors all hung and handles on. Now we just need to mix the stains to try to find a color that matches our floor and we’ll have beautiful doors again!

On December 27, I officially became a member of the Dirty Thirty Club. It was a rough day… I was very crabby and not a pleasant person to be around. I felt like it was just another day to my husband and the boys. I had hoped that they would plan something and I wouldn’t have to do any thinking about what to do for my birthday but that’s not what was happening. On top of that, my dad never called to wish me a happy birthday, which was not like him at all and it really bothered me. My husband asked if I wanted to go to my favorite Hibachi restaurant for dinner, so that’s what we did. In the back of my head I was hoping that my family and friends would be there, but I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

When we walked into the restaurant my husband went up to give them our name and the women looked at her little notebook. I’ve been there enough times to know that they don’t look at the notebook unless other people are there, so I started to get excited. The hostess took us back to the back room, which again NEVER happens right after you walk in, so I knew at that point that there were other people there and I started to get even more excited, but still didn’t want to get my hopes up. When we walked into the room my whole family and my friends were all there and yelled SURPRISE. I have to admit that I teared up a bit. It meant the world to me to have everyone there, it’s exactly what I wanted! The first person that I saw was my dad standing there, and I went up and gave him a big hug and said “I wondered why you hadn’t called me or anything yet today!” and he giggled because he did it on purpose.

I’m super excited because my amazing husband and parents got me a really nice DSLR camera so now I’m going to be able to take MUCH better pictures for the blog! I can’t wait to start learning and showing you all the progress that I’m making with it! Right now I’m just using the automatic settings on it, but I plan on learning how to use the manual settings soon! If anyone has any advice I would love to hear it in the comments!

Kids Imaginative Dinosaur Toy Figure Review

Dino Review

DinosaurHaving 3  young boys in our house, we have a ton of toys! Lately they have been really interested in dinosaurs, so when I was given the opportunity to review a 12 pack of BPA & lead free toy dinosaurs I was so excited! The boys absolutely love them, they have played with them almost ever day since we have received them about 2 weeks ago.

These dinosaurs really are nothing super special, they don’t require batteries, or make cool noises, they require imagination which I love! I enjoy listening to the boys making dinosaurs noises with each other while they play with these. I’m comfortable allowing the baby (8 months old) to play with these because they’re large enough and tough enough that he’s ok putting them in his mouth. They’re also BPA and lead free so that’s another reason that I’m ok with him playing with these with his big brothers.

The colors of these are pretty bright and look nice. They’re not all the most realistic I would say, but it doesn’t bother the boys at all. Our 8-year-old hasn’t said a word about it and I can’t imagine that most children would notice. For the price of these and the fact that you get 12, I think they’re perfect.

They’re very tough little toys! Our boys are quite rough with them and so far we haven’t had any injuries or fatalities from any of them. The dog on the other hand… he chewed the back-end from one of the dinosaurs, so they’re not completely indestructible. I had a pretty bummed out little 2-year-old for a couple of days, he has named all of them and “poppa” got eaten :(.

Our boys favorite thing to do with them is play in the bathtub. They’re perfect for the bath because there’s nothing that can be ruined from the water and so far we haven’t had any issues with discoloration. They play with these in the bath tub daily… all 3 of them. I just love how versatile they can be.

All and all I would say that these are great dinosaurs and I wouldn’t hesitate purchasing them! They can be purchased here.

*I was given this product for free in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

Waterproof Outdoor Lantern Review

Go Lantern Title

I’m so excited about the Bright Outdoor Solar Go! Lantern. This lantern is waterproof, solar powered with LED lights, comes with a remote and folds down completely flat for easy storage.

GO LanternWhen I received this product I was really excited because we use our 5th Wheel camper all summer long, so we have many lanterns and they all take up a decent amount of space when space is limited. This lantern is great because it comes completely flat and blows up like a balloon. When you let the air out of it, it returns to being completely flat again for easy storage. It has a handle on both the top and bottom so it’s very easy to carry around either blown up or flat.

There is a small remote that comes with it. It turn the lantern on, off, and changes the colors of the lights. There are 7 light modes that our boys thought were awesome! 2 of the light modes I call “party modes” because they’re like strobe lights but are all different colors.

The bottom is really nice because it shows you what percentage it’s charged to. It’s very easy to see if it needs to be charged again and it’s also very easy to charge! All you have to do is set it outside in the sun for a little while. It would be great to let float around the pool at night, if you have kiddos, they’d love it! I’m excited to use it around the camp fire on our vacations, we’ll be getting some use out of those “party modes” ;).

If you’re interested in purchasing this Bright Outdoor Solar Go! Lantern, you can find it here.

*I was given this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

No more missing pacifiers in this house!

Paci Clips 500x500

Paci Clips 500x500I’ve always been against pacifier clips because of the metal clip that could tear our boys clothes or possibly cut their fingers if they grab one that’s open. We have had countless missing pacifiers and have had late night trips to the store so that one of the boys could go to sleep. I’ve been introduced to Stuff4Tots cotton pacifier clips which solves both of those problems!

I really like these pacifier clips because they have a plastic clip so they won’t tear clothes if tugged on, and we tested this, I asked S2 to pull as hard as he could with it attached to his shirt. Not only could he not tear it off of his shirt, but there was no mark left at all! Since they’re plastic they also won’t rust, which means they’ll last so much longer.I really like these pacifier clips because they have a plastic clip so they won't tear clothes… Click To TweetClips

They come with 4 in a pack and have both a boy and girl set. I loved the boy set, except that there was one that was striped and had multiple pink stripes on it. It doesn’t bother me to the point that I wouldn’t use it, but in the picture online it looks more orange than pink, so it’s a little deceiving. They would make wonderful baby shower gifts, or stocking stuffers for new babies!

I was easily able to get the pacifier through the loop, however, if you had a pacifier that doesn’t have the little dangle on it I’m not sure how it would work. It would definitely work best with the pacifiers that have the loop on the front. You may be able to twist the loop around the round part of a pacifier that doesn’t have the loop, but I’m not sure if that would work, since I’ve never tried, we don’t  have any of that type here.

I was easily able to open and close these one handed. Let’s be real… if we’re in need of one of these, we’re doing most things one handed!

If you’d like to purchase these pacifier clips you can find them here

*I was given this product at no cost in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

Usborne Book Party

Usborne Long

Usborne LongI was just introduced to Usborne Books the other day and I absolutely love them! Usborne Books is the 2014 Children’s Publisher of the Year, offering over 1,700 books for babies through young adults. I love that they have everything from baby board books for our 8 month old to touch and feel books and interactive books for our 2-year-old and large chapter books for our 8-year-old.Usborne Books is the 2014 Children's Publisher of the Year Click To Tweet

I’ve found that books can be really expensive when you have an avid reader in the house… it’s not my husband or I, I wish that we enjoyed reading more… it’s our 8 year old. The great thing about Usborne Books is that 65% of their books are $10 or less!!! It’s so hard to find a good quality book under $10 anymore!Usborne quote

They have all some really fun sticker books for children that have great background for them to create their own scenes. They have everything from fashion design, extreme sports, to World War I! They also have some really cool books with little tracks on each page that include a pull back car that your child can make go around the track as you read to them!