100 Days of Happiness: Week 1

100 Days of Happiness: Week 1

100 Days of Happiness: Week 1I know that I said I was going to post a recap of my week every Monday but this week was our week to take part in Picture Book Month! You can read my post about the book and craft that we did here. From here on out though, I will be posting every Monday my recap of 100 Days of Happiness.

This past week was pretty easy for me to find my daily dose of happiness. It was the week of Halloween, so we were very busy. My husband also stayed home this past week and didn’t go out of town for work, so that made each day great in and of itself!

100 Days of Happiness: Week 1Day 1: S2 and S3 made me laugh when I pulled out the superhero winter hats and asked S2 if he wanted SPIDERMAN… he’s really into Spiderman now, thanks to Chobani Kids Pouches. S2 was laughing at how silly S3 looked in the hat which made us all laugh! There’s nothing better than hearing little tiny laughs, you can’t help but at least smile.

100 Days of Happiness: Week 1Day 2: We took the boys downtown to go trick-or-treating at all the different businesses. Although the mass amounts of people trying to make their way through the door can be a little stressful, it’s fun running into our friends and seeing how excited the boys get when they get candy and see their friends.

Day 3: This was S2’s birthday, he’s now a 2 year old! It was a bittersweet day, I was happy because he’s another year older, but also emotional because my baby is not a baby anymore! We’ve entered the “terrible two’s,” however, I think that 3 years old is worse than 2! We went to see my grandma at her retirement complex and the boys went trick or treating at everyone’s apartments. I think that all the seniors really enjoyed seeing all the little one’s dressed up, and the boys loved seeing grandma and getting CANDY! They love visiting Gram’s because she has a restaurant “in her house” and “a ton of doors”! She made them pumpkin shaped cookies that they thoroughly enjoyed and she also gave them 1/2 a bag of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups (I may have enjoyed that more than them). 100 Days of Happiness: Week 1

100 Days of Happiness: Week 1




Day 4: Today I had to take S1 & S2 to the doctor for flu shots and 2 year check-up. S1 hates getting shots and had dreaded getting his flu shot. When it was time he put on a brave face for his brother and although it took the nurse 3 tries, he finally stood still long enough for her to do it. He teared up a bit, but stayed strong for his brother! The doctor also dropped the bomb that they both needed bloodwork done, so we headed straight to the lab so that I wouldn’t forget. S1 was so awesome, I couldn’t have been more proud of him. He sat there and watched, I couldn’t believe my eyes! After he was done and it was S2’s turn he was very scared even though he was sitting in my lap. His brother was so supportive and kept reassuring him that it’s not that bad, and that it only hurts a little when they put the needle in and take it out. S2 still cried for the majority of it, but I was so proud of how supportive his brother was toward him. I just love the relationship that they are developing.

100 Days of Happiness: Week 1Day 5: Today was great! We had S1’s Halloween party at school, so he had a half day. After we left school we met our friends and we all headed to the Luke Bryan Kick Up The Dust Tour! He is S1’s favorite country singer so he was so excited! We had a blast being able to spend some quality time alone with him, doing something that we all enjoy.

Day 6:  Tonight we went out for Halloween with our friends. Although it was raining and nasty outside, it made me happy seeing my husband with 2 of the 3 boys going from house to house. 100 Days of Happiness: Week 1


100 Days of Happiness: Week 1Day 7:  Today was the most difficult day to find my happiness this week. My husband left early in the morning for work, I had way more laundry than I was capable of doing in 1 day, the dishes were out of control because I needed to make more dishwasher detergent but needed to run to the store for supplies. After my husband came home from work we realized that he had fraudulent charges on his bank account, so we had to deal with that. I did find my happiness through all that though, and it was in the most unlikely place! I found this awesome coffee mug at the grocery store! There isn’t a more true statement about me, My family is my whole heart, they’re my world. I wake up every morning, take S1 to school, come home, make a cup of coffee and go sit at the desk. I knew that this mug would keep me inspired.

I think that my first week went well! I hope that you will decide to join me on this 100 days of happiness journey! You can check out my Facebook Page here for daily updates.


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