100 Days of Happiness: Week 2

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Week 2 of my 100 days of Happiness was much more difficult than last week. All of us have been sick, which makes me not want to do anything! That’s pretty much a recipe for disaster when you have 3 boys running around the house. On the bright side… we’re all in the tail end of it now!

100 Days of Happiness: Week 2Day 7: Today was a really good day! I was super excited to hear the mail truck come because I had a feeling that the Baltic Amber Necklaces that I’d been waiting on was here! I was super excited to open them and get them on myself and the baby. Literally within the first 12 hours I noticed a difference with the amount of drool coming from S3 cutting his 2 front teeth. I’ve also noticed that he’s not chewing on everything in sight either!

Day 8: Today I felt absolutely awful! I woke up with a terrible sinus headache, but luckily a couple of Tylenol wiped it out! I also have a really bad runny nose, sore throat and cough. I was officially sick with my first cold of the season. Despite me feeling like crap, the boys and I were very productive and that mad me really happy! We went to Kroger and killed two birds with one stone and picked up some Sugar Cookie International Delight that I’m reviewing for BzzAgent.com (which is delicious by the way!) and used a grocery cart cover that I was reviewing. When we were done at Kroger we jumped over to the new Biggby that opened up in our town… I’m super excited!!! I was very productive on the blog today, which always makes me happy, because it’s not always easy to do when you’re being pulled 3 different directions my 3 silly little boys! 🙂100 Days of Happiness: Week 2

Day 9: Today I literally wanted to do NOTHING. I felt awful, and although I didn’t do a thing with the blog, I did fold a ton of laundry and get a bunch more washed! It felt good to get that weight off of my shoulders. I also found out today that we had won a $50 gift certificate to a really good Mexican restaurant that we enjoy going to, so I was super excited about that!

Day 10: My week started to brighten up a little today. I woke up without a headache, and I could actually breathe! I also found out that I had been spotlighted on the 100 Happy Days Link Party!! THEN, my husband was able to come home a day early, so we were all super excited to see him! I know that one day doesn’t seem like much, but to 3 little boys it’s amazing!

Day 11: Today I was lazy, unmotivated and found out that there was a possibility that my husband had brought home bed bugs with him… super. Luckily, we believe now that the 2 bites he has were from a spider and not bed bugs… but I was happy because I began the declutter/deep clean process when I thought that it was a spider.

100 Days of Happiness: Week 2Day 12: Today we had the chance to take the boys over to my husbands grandfathers house, who we all love to pieces. After we visited for a little while we all went to our favorite Chinese restaurant near his house. It’s always a good day when we get to see Pops and eat Chinese! 🙂 I also found this picture of my husband when he was in his early twenties… what a stud! 😉

Day 13: Nothing makes me more happy than watching the 3 boys play together. I can’t help but smile when I hear S3’s little laugh and hear them all having fun together. I know there will come a time when those little laughs will be gone so I try to soak it up as often as possible!

It’s becoming easier for me to find at least 1 thing that made me happy each day, but I’d like to remember to do it through the day and not just at the end of the day. Hopefully this coming week it be easier for me!

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