Here’s a super silly trick to start potty training boys!

Super Silly Trick to Potty Training Little Boys

Here's a Super Silly Way to Start Potty Training Boys

I have found a super silly way to start potty training little boys! I started using this method with our now 8-year-old son and it worked! I’m using it with our 2-year-old, and it works great for him too!

First, I have always had a little potty chair that I can move from room to room. When they’re just starting to learn they don’t really know yet when they have to go. They’re just used to peeing as they walk, they don’t even think twice about it! When you’re able to have a little potty chair in the room that they’re in, its easier for them to run to the potty and go when they feel the urge.

I have always had a little potty chair that I can move from room to room. Click To Tweet

Now, once you have them on the toilet, or potty chair, my silly little trick is to ask them to toot! I have yet to find a little boy who does not think that flatulation isn’t funny! Our boys think that it’s hysterical and don’t typically hesitate when I ask them to do it on the toilet. Every once in a while our 2-year-old will giggle and say no, so I just leave it alone, and then guess what… he eventually does it!

I have yet to find a little boy who does not think that flatulation isn't funny! Click To Tweet

Asking them to toot seems funny, I know, but it gets them to push unknowingly. They will typically either pee or poop not long after they do it. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t lose hope… just do it again the next time! The key is teaching them to push. You can literally see in our 2 year olds face that he’s pushing when he goes pee, sometimes I even think that he’s pooping but he won’t.

I can’t say that our boys trained quickly so if that’s the tip that you’re looking for you need to look elsewhere, but this bit of advice gets the ball rolling! Our 2-year-old has been potty training since he was 18 months old, he’s now almost 25 months. He also started earlier than most, but it was all him, he wanted to use the potty so we let him. I just follow his lead, I ask him everyday if he wants to wear big boy underwear and sometimes he’ll tell me yes and other times he’s just not into it and I can’t push him, he’s the type that we just need to allow him to do it on his own time.

When we started potty training, like I said, he was 18 months old… I had such a hard time finding little underwear that fit him! I did, however, find some great ones on They fit him great and they have a bit of padding in the bottom of them so when he does have accidents (which is every time he wears them) it doesn’t run down his leg and make a big mess. I wish that I had them with our oldest son! You can find them here.

So, don’t forget… just ask them to toot and before you know it they’ll be going potty in the toilet! 😉

How to Relax Your Body & Reduce Stress during Pregnancy

How To Relax Your Body And Reduce Stress During Your Pregnancy

Today I’m excited to have my first guest post by Julia Jones who is an expert reviewer of the best pregnancy pillows and latest maternity pillows. You can find her on Facebook and on her website. She is going to be teaching us how to relax your body and reduce stress during pregnancy.

How To Relax Your Body And Reduce Stress During Your Pregnancy

How To Relax Your Body And Reduce Stress During Your Pregnancy

A pregnancy is definitely an overwhelming time for the body. As an expecting mother, you are always preoccupied about welcoming a new member to your family, but you can also barely wait to hold the baby in your arms. While the baby keeps developing inside your belly, you will most likely face a series of emotions too. Unfortunately, not all of them are positive. You will experience a psychical discomfort, but you will also feel like you are no longer the only owner of your body. The good news is that there are plenty of simple ways to reduce the stress and overcome these problems – from pregnancy pillows to relaxation techniques.

Listen to Your Body

It is vital to listen to your body and respond to its necessities. Basically, you go through some impressive physical and psychical changes. If you feel tired, do not hesitate to go to sleep. It is completely understandable. Sleep more if you have to. Take random naps out of nowhere. Just do whatever your body asks you to. Sure, you might be able to overcome sleepiness, but this kind of attitude is not healthy for you – not to mention your baby. The general idea is pretty simple – just do what your body asks you to.

Sustain Your Cravings

But do it smartly! As the pregnancy evolves, you will notice all kinds of cravings. You feel hungrier day by day and you feel like having more with every new meal. You will end up with random cravings in the middle of the night. From this point of view, you should eat healthy nutrients. Stick to peanuts, specific cheeses (no refined varieties), yogurt and fruits. If you want something sweet, come up with a fruit salad. Cut more fruits and mix them in a bowl. Put some dietetic yogurt on top of them or just a little milk. Sometimes, you want more than that though. Just because you crave for a chocolate every once in a while, it does not mean that you should ignore it. Just do not make it an unhealthy habit.

Exercise Early

It is highly recommended to start exercising as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. It will ease the pregnancy and make the delivery a breeze. If you start doing it too late, you will find it quite uncomfortable. Discuss about these exercises with your doctor. Yoga and snowing are highly recommended, but walking is just as handy. Yoga is better known for making the delivery less painful.

As a short final conclusion, losing stress is not such a big deal if you do it smartly. Just focus on your actual necessities and respect your body during this harsh time. Pregnancy pillows should not miss from your accessories, as they can relieve both physical and psychical stress. Other than that, a few techniques to keep calm and relax will make this pregnancy a breeze. Just like for anything else in life, education is the mother of good choices.

Our first time seeing our premature baby boy

Here is the story of the first time that my husband and I were able to see our premature son.

The first time that we were able to see our preemie sonThe first time that my husband and I saw our premature baby boy was over 12 hours after I gave birth to him. You can read about my experience with premature labor and delivery here. Since the hospital that I delivered him in did not have an NICU he was transported about 15-20 minutes away to a different hospital via ambulance. My doctor gave me the opportunity to leave not long after I had him so that we could go see our son, but my mom talked me into staying the night to have the nurses and doctors monitor me for a little while to make sure that I didn’t have any blood clots or anything else that could happen after birth. The first time that my husband and I saw our premature baby boy was over 12 hours after I gave… Click To Tweet

The next morning around 9:00 am the doctor came in and said that everything looked normal and I was discharged. My husband and I went home, showered and sat together for a little while to kind of digest what had just happened the day before. Once we were ready, we went to see our son for the first time since he was delivered. As you read in My Experience With Preterm Labor and Delivery, we were only able to see our little angel for about 1 minute before they took him out of the room in an isolate to take him to his hospital.Here is the story of when my husband and I met our premature son, more than 12 hours after giving birth to him.

We were both nervous, scared, excited, happy, and anxious to meet our little boy. Neither of us had any experience with a premature baby, or an NICU so we didn’t really know what to expect. We walked into the hospital, took the elevator to the 3rd floor and called on the phone outside of the glass double doors with our specific patient number. They opened the doors and we were told that we needed to scrub our hands at the sink to the right. It felt very similar to a doctor scrubbing in for surgery, there will little white disposable sub brushes and very strong soap. Once we had scrubbed we walked to another set of glass double doors. The doors opened and it was like a sea of isolates. There were 3 “pods” that all had isolates full of premature babies in them. I was so overwhelmed. The doors opened and it was like a sea of isolates Click To Tweet

There was no one there to help us at the time, they probably didn’t realize that we were new parents, I’m not sure. Anyway, we just walked to the first pod and all of the isolates had little blankets covering the top (I didn’t know why at the time), so all we could see were little itty bitty feet. I looked to the right and saw my sons feet, I said to my husband “that’s him, those are his feet!” now remember, we had only seen him for about 1 minute the day before. We looked up and on the wall above his isolate we saw a cute little sign with a name on it. It was a name similar to his first name and our last name. It truly was our son, I was right, those were the tiny little toes that wrapped about my finger for 30 seconds the day before.

The nurse came over and introduced himself. He ended up being one of our sons main nurses the entire 4 months that he was in the NICU. We mentioned that his first name was incorrect and a new sign was made for him. We then stared at the tiny little 2 lb 3 oz angel. He was perfect, he had an endotracheal tube in his mouth because his lungs were not fully developed and he needed help breathing. There were little wires going into his belly button, which was where they “fed” him from. We learned that he didn’t get actual food at that time, his stomach was still too tiny.

Here is the story of the first time that my husband I were able to meet our premature son, more than 12 hours after he was delivered.He was our son, our sweet angel, and he was perfect. He looked like nothing but skin and bones… because that’s all that he was. His skin was still very thin, so we had to limit the amount of time that we touched him, and we were not able to hold him yet. We were able to touch his little feet again, and put our finger into his hand. Our time touching him was limited because we didn’t want to transfer any germs that we did have on us because his little immune system was not developed.

We sat there watching our son through a plastic isolate for hours. We never wanted to leave and when the time came to go it was the hardest moment ever. We didn’t want to leave him there alone, even though he wasn’t alone, he had nurses, but not his parents. We finally said goodnight to our little angel and touched his little head and feet as tears creeped out of both of our eyes (even though we were both trying to be strong). We sat there watching our son through a plastic isolate for hours Click To Tweet

We were not able to hold our son after he was born, or even the next day. We were not able to have him lay next to us in our room after he was born. We were not able to take him home with us when we left the hospital. We were, however, able to feel the love that a parent feels after their child is born. We were able to touch our son and feel our love flow through our fingers onto him. We were able to show him our love with our voices. I would sit with him for 12-14 hours a day for the next 4 months and my husband would come after work for 6-7 hours per day. He knew the love that we had for him, and we showed him in every possible way.

He knew the love that we had for him, and we showed him in every possible way. Click To Tweet