Nubee Meat Thermometer Review

Nubee Meat thermometer review

If you cook a lot of meat at home it’s essential to have a meat thermometer around. They’re easy to use and make sure that whatever meat you’re cooking with doesn’t become over cooked and dry or undercooked and unsafe to eat.

Nubee Digital Meat Thermometer ReviewI tend to cook a lot of chicken at home, so I’m always using a meat thermometer to make sure that it’s safe to feed our boys before I cut into it and the juices come out causing it to become dry if I need to pop it back into the oven for a little while longer. I have used both digital non-digital meat thermometers and I prefer digital because I feel that they’re more accurate and easier to read. The Nubee Ultra-High Performance Professional Digital Food/BBQ/Meat Instant-Read Thermometer also has a backlit display which is so nice in my kitchen because the lighting is awful and the light bulb above the oven is burnt out so it’s awful trying to read anything digital if it’s not backlit.

You can also store data which is great if you’re cooking more than thing at a time. You can use it on any type of food that you’d life. I tend to only use them on meat though. I made a chicken, green beans, and potatoes bake when I was testing it out! You can also very easily switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius if needed depending on your preference. It also folds up very nicely for easy storage.

Something really special about this thermometer is that you’re able to set alerts for high and low temperatures. This would be really nice if you’re busy with lots of dishes and want to place the thermometer into whatever is being measured and walk away. It can let you know quickly whether it needs to cook a little longer or needs some more lovin because you cooked it too long! 😉

My absolute favorite thing about this meat thermometer and all other Nubee products is that it’s backed by a Lifetime warranty! I have awful luck with meat thermometers so luckily I’ve found the last one that I will ever need!

You can purchase yours here.

My Experience With The One Fast Charger

My Experience With the One Fast Charger

My Experience With the One Fast ChargerI was given the opportunity to review the One Fast Charger dual port USB phone charger. I was really excited to try this charger out because my husband and I are always fighting over who gets to use the charger next on long road trips.

The first time that I tried this charger out my phone charged right up, it was really fast and I was really impressed! The next time that I got into the car I plugged my iPhone 5 in and it wouldn’t charge. A message eventually came up that said something to the effect of “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably,” so I plugged in the charger that I was using before and it still wouldn’t charge, the same message kept coming up. I had used the same cable with the previous charger for over a month with absolutely no problem! The only thing that had changed was the 1 time that I used the One Fast Charger.

I contacted the company and they apologized and sent me the same charging cord that I was using. I still have not received it, but the estimated delivery date is November 17, so I’m hoping that I get it next week. They didn’t offer me a different charger in the email or give any type of explanation about what could have went wrong or let me know that they’re looking into it. However, they did comment on the Amazon review that I created and said that they’re not sure what went wrong but that they’re looking into it.

It is very possible that this was just a fluke thing, it could have been the cord that I was using, but it was working perfectly prior to the use of this charger. I could have just gotten a faulty charger, but I’m not willing to put another one of my cords at risk of breaking because those suckers are not cheap!!

Product Specifications

If you are interested in this charger, I will say that it is very soft and the ability to have 2 USB ports is awesome if there are 2 of you who need to charge a device at the same time. It is a universal charger so you can charge either an Apple Device or an Android. You can buy here.

*I was given this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion

Coolest Kid On The Block With The Cooler Torch Koozie

Cooler Torch KoozieI was recently given the Cooler Torch Koozie at a deeply discounted price to write a review on. I was honestly so excited to get this koozie in the mail because it has an LED light in the bottom that lights the bottle up that is inside of it. I had never seen one of these before.

We do a lot of camping in our RV in the summertime and are always having bon fires and obviously always have koozie’s around, both for us and the boys at the bonfire. The boys like to put their water bottles in them. Now when they use them they’ll have a flashlight as well! I’m pretty sure that they wouldn’t want moms pink one though, they’d probably want black or green.

I love how there are different light settings. There is the plain white, which will light your bottle up whatever color the liquid, a green light and a red light. The best part about the red light setting is that it rotates in a circle! How cool is that?!You'll be the coolest kid on the block with this Cooler Torch LED Koozie

You're going to be the coolest kid on the block with the Cooler Torch KoozieIt takes 3 AAA batteries in the bottom which easily comes apart with a micro Philips head screw driver, but you shouldn’t have to do that for awhile because it comes with batteries included! It has an easy on/off button in the back so it’s easy to operate while you’re taking a drink. It also has a smaller insert so it doesn’t matter what type of bottle you have the Cooler Torch is going to fit!

If you want to be the coolest kid on the block at your next bon fire you can purchase your own Cooler Torch right here

Here’s the solution to your short iPhone/iPad charger issue!

10 ft braided iPhone and iPad Lightening Cord Charger

Does it always feel like your iPhone or iPad cord isn’t long enough? I swear, every time that I finally sit down for the night, my phone is almost dead. The way that my living room is set up, I don’t have a power outlet close enough to the couch for my normal charger cord to reach, so I just can’t play on Facebook or Pinterest I guess… the world is over!!! The other problem that I always have, is that my cord will come apart at the base and then I have live wires showing (that’s super safe…).

10 ft braided iPhone/iPad Lightening Cord ChargerI’ve finally found the solution to my problems!! An iPhone/iPad charger cord that’s 10 feet long!!! Now, My charger can stretch from the outlet to my couch (Facebook and Pinterest here I come). My husband has also found another use for this 10 foot cord. He goes out of town often for work, so he’s always in hotel rooms. The outlets in hotel rooms, don’t always reach to the beds, so he uses this charger cord to text me before he falls asleep without his phone dieing. If you do a lot of traveling, then this might be the perfect cord for you.


Since this cord is braided it’s much more durable than other cords. I also like the look of this cord, it’s braided with gray and white material rather than the normal material. It’s compatible with iPhone 5, 5c, 5s,6, iPad, iPad mini, mini 2 & 3, iPad Air & Air 2, iPod, iPod Nano, and iPod touch. It’s also nice that they will replace the cord without question if it is defective.10 ft braided iPhone/iPad lightening cord

If you’re looking for a new charger cord and this sounds like the right fit for you, you can find it here.


Disclaimer: I received this product for free, but my opinions are all my own