How to Edit Your Photos For Free

How to Edit Your Photos For Free

I hear a lot about Photoshop, Lightroom and other paid editing software. I don’t know about you, but I like doing as much as possible for free! That’s why my favorite editing website is PicMonkey. I’m able to crop, rotate, adjust exposure & colors, sharpen & resize and much more without spending a ton of money.

How do I use Picmonkey?

Step 1:

Go to PicMonkey, hover over the “Edit” button and choose where you’d like to pull your image from.


How to edit images for free using PicMonkey

Step 2:

Now you’ll be able to do all the basic editing. If you’re using picmonkey to edit photos for your blog you’ll want to make sure that you use the “Resize” option for every photo. You can also change the canvas color here but you wouldn’t really use that if you’re editing a photo, that’s more for creating a blog photo. I plan on creating a post about that later!

How to edit photos for free using Picmonkey


Once you’ve finished your basic editing you can add effects to your photo. There are many effects that you can play around with here. There are both free and upgraded options.  I love playing around with the effects on my photos! My favorite to use is usually Orton or Black and White.

How to edit your photos for free using Picmonkey

Touch Ups

You have the ability to do touch ups to your photo, like fixing any blemishes that can be seen, whitening teeth, lip tint, etc. I haven’t used this feature much because I haven’t taken many photos of people other than my boys.

How to edit your photos for free using Picmonkey


There is an option to add text to your photos. I like to add quotes to my photos that have a lot of free space. You can check out my instagram to see some examples!

How to edit your photos for free using Picmonkey

Load More


Here you can add an overlay, either one from Picmonkey’s library (free or upgraded) or from your computer. In this photo I used a label to place over my photo. I used the fade adjuster to make it lighter so that you could still see some of the picture behind it. The arrows that I placed to show you where the overlay button on the left hand side is and where the fade adjuster is are also free overlays from the Picmonkey library.

Here's how to edit photos for free using Picmonkey


You can add a frame to your photo if you’d like. There are 6 free options to choose from and 5 additional frames that you can have access to with an upgraded account. In this photo I added a museum matte frame. With all the frames you have the ability to adjust them however you’d like.

Here's how to edit photos for free using Picmonkey


You’re able to add textures to your photos. In this photo I added a burst. You can control the blend mode, saturation and fade of these also. As with everything else there are many free and upgraded options.

Here's how to edit photos for free using Picmonkey


There are some themes that you can use. Many of them are Halloween, but there are also some Christmas, Comic Heroes, Celebrate, Valentines Day and a school theme. Inside these Themes are “costumes” like witch hates, santa beards, etc.; overlays, frames, effects, textures, text, etc. Each theme has something different. I haven’t used them much, but I think that they’d be fun for creating a card or sign of some kind.

How to edit your photos for free using picmonkey

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There are the basics of using PicMonkey to edit your photos for free! Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions. I hope that you love using it as much as I do!

How to Edit Your Photos For Free

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