How I made $25 in 5 days on ibotta

How I made $25 in 5 days using Ibotta

I’m so incredibly excited to share with you how I made $25 on the ibotta app in just 5 days! If you’re not familiar with ibotta, here’s how it works… You download the app to your smartphone, register yourself which takes a couple of minutes. Then you’re able to see all of the rebates that are going on at the time. There are grocery, apparel, Beauty & Wellness, Electronics and many more. You then see if there are any that you can take advantage of, you either watch a short video (usually 30 seconds – 1 min) answer a question, look at a recipe,etc. then after you’ve done that you qualify for the rebate (usually $.20 or more). Once you have everything that you want, you scan the bar codes of qualifying products, and take a picture of the receipt. They let you know within 24 hrs if your rebate was accepted or not (I haven’t been denied so far). It’s as easy as that!

When I registered on Monday I saw 6 items that I had purchased about 5 days prior on a spur of the moment trip to Meijer, so I scanned the receipt and earned $2 credit for all of it, PLUS an extra $1 just for scanning my first item within 10 days! I was so excited… I had just made $3 on something that I had already done! I was hooked from that moment.

That same day I posted on Facebook about how I loved ibotta and had just made $3. I made sure that I used my referral link on the post. I also sent the referral code to my mom and told her about it and how excited I was! She ended up sending the code to my brothers finance who signed up, so I earned another $2 from her registering and redeeming her first rebate. So by day 2 I had earned $5 and only scanned 1 receipt. I hadn’t even gone shopping since I downloaded the app!

On day 3 I got an email letting me know that one of my friends had registered using my link and I knew that she had done it from the post that I made on Facebook. Now I had $7 and still had not gone shopping! SCORE!!!! I made sure to send my friend a message and thank her for signing up, since she helped me out. Later that day after I had picked my oldest son up from school we went to Kroger to pick up some Chobani Kids yogurt tubes that I got for FREE because I test products through Buzz Agent (my boys LOVED them!). There was a rebate for the yogurt on ibotta so I scanned the bar code and receipt in the car because I was so super excited and I MADE $1!!! I also picked up some frozen meals that I found a coupon for and got one of those for free also! I scanned that and made $1.50. I was up to $9.50 and was so pumped because I only needed $.50 more to cash out to my PayPal account, which I had no intention of doing yet, but just the fact that I could made me excited LOL.

I had also found a deal at Walgreens, which is next door to Kroger for Huggies pull-ups and wipes buy 2 for $18, there was a rebate for both the pull-ups and the wipes on the app (I needed both so it was perfect) and I had coupons (even better), if I purchased 1 of each I would get a bonus! I ended up earning $4 from the Huggies deal! I had made it to my $10 goal and even surpassed it… I was up to $13.50 in only 3 days and had only went shopping one day and only for a few things! There was also another bonus on the app for $2 if I scanned 3 items worth $.50 or more… SCORE AGAIN!!! There was another $2 for pretty much nothing, $15.50!!!

The next day was my big Meijer shopping trip, this was where I shopped for pretty much the whole month. I did all of my coupons and checked them with the app. I found some awesome deals and I didn’t purchase anything that I didn’t need or wouldn’t use, just to get the rebate. I ended up making $9.15 from that trip and I made it though the level 1 teamwork bonus which gave me another $1. I was at $10.15 just for that shopping trip!!! I was so excited! I did spend a lot of money that trip, but it was monthly trip, so that was normal for me with a family of 5, 4 of which are boys. When I got home and everything was accepted, I ended up making $25.65 in just 5 days!!! I can’t wait to get more people on my team and all of us start earning more together!

If you think that this is something that you would be interested in trying please Join My Team!!! Remember that you get $1 just for signing up and redeeming your first rebate!

Let me know in the comments if you have any questions or what your expereicne with ibotta has been like.