My Experience With The One Fast Charger

My Experience With the One Fast Charger

My Experience With the One Fast ChargerI was given the opportunity to review the One Fast Charger dual port USB phone charger. I was really excited to try this charger out because my husband and I are always fighting over who gets to use the charger next on long road trips.

The first time that I tried this charger out my phone charged right up, it was really fast and I was really impressed! The next time that I got into the car I plugged my iPhone 5 in and it wouldn’t charge. A message eventually came up that said something to the effect of “This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably,” so I plugged in the charger that I was using before and it still wouldn’t charge, the same message kept coming up. I had used the same cable with the previous charger for over a month with absolutely no problem! The only thing that had changed was the 1 time that I used the One Fast Charger.

I contacted the company and they apologized and sent me the same charging cord that I was using. I still have not received it, but the estimated delivery date is November 17, so I’m hoping that I get it next week. They didn’t offer me a different charger in the email or give any type of explanation about what could have went wrong or let me know that they’re looking into it. However, they did comment on the Amazon review that I created and said that they’re not sure what went wrong but that they’re looking into it.

It is very possible that this was just a fluke thing, it could have been the cord that I was using, but it was working perfectly prior to the use of this charger. I could have just gotten a faulty charger, but I’m not willing to put another one of my cords at risk of breaking because those suckers are not cheap!!

Product Specifications

If you are interested in this charger, I will say that it is very soft and the ability to have 2 USB ports is awesome if there are 2 of you who need to charge a device at the same time. It is a universal charger so you can charge either an Apple Device or an Android. You can buy here.

*I was given this product free of charge in exchange for my honest and unbiased opinion