Toddler Craft Tuesday: Pony Bead Candy Cane

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Pony Bead Candy Cane

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Pony Bead Candy Cane

This week I was feeling in the Christmas Spirit, even though I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! I thought that it would be a fun idea to make a Pony Bead Candy Cane. I still have some that my brother and I made when we were young at daycare. I hang them on our Christmas tree every year.

What you will need:

Pipe Cleaner – Green

Pony Beads – Red and White

Pony Bead Candy Canes are great for hand/eye coordination Click To Tweet

Making these candy canes is wonderful for your their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. I had never done anything like this with our little guy before so I purchased 2 different types of beads, 1 that had a larger hole just in case it was difficult for him, but he bought right on after me showing him once. I will say that he lost interest rather quickly, but he started stringing the other beads onto another pipe cleaner because they were all different colors and different than what I wanted him to do. He liked how it turned out after we were finished though.

All you do to start is bend the end of the pipe cleaner and add the first bead so that they don’t push them all the way off and make a big mess (trust me, this happened the first time we tried).

Than just have them place the beads onto the pipe cleaner alternating colors. I found it best to hand him each bead in the order that they needed to go on. Once they get to the end you just bend a small amount over and push it into the last bead, then bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane. It’s as east as that!