Here’s a super silly trick to start potty training boys!

Super Silly Trick to Potty Training Little Boys

Here's a Super Silly Way to Start Potty Training Boys

I have found a super silly way to start potty training little boys! I started using this method with our now 8-year-old son and it worked! I’m using it with our 2-year-old, and it works great for him too!

First, I have always had a little potty chair that I can move from room to room. When they’re just starting to learn they don’t really know yet when they have to go. They’re just used to peeing as they walk, they don’t even think twice about it! When you’re able to have a little potty chair in the room that they’re in, its easier for them to run to the potty and go when they feel the urge.

I have always had a little potty chair that I can move from room to room. Click To Tweet

Now, once you have them on the toilet, or potty chair, my silly little trick is to ask them to toot! I have yet to find a little boy who does not think that flatulation isn’t funny! Our boys think that it’s hysterical and don’t typically hesitate when I ask them to do it on the toilet. Every once in a while our 2-year-old will giggle and say no, so I just leave it alone, and then guess what… he eventually does it!

I have yet to find a little boy who does not think that flatulation isn't funny! Click To Tweet

Asking them to toot seems funny, I know, but it gets them to push unknowingly. They will typically either pee or poop not long after they do it. If it doesn’t work the first time, don’t lose hope… just do it again the next time! The key is teaching them to push. You can literally see in our 2 year olds face that he’s pushing when he goes pee, sometimes I even think that he’s pooping but he won’t.

I can’t say that our boys trained quickly so if that’s the tip that you’re looking for you need to look elsewhere, but this bit of advice gets the ball rolling! Our 2-year-old has been potty training since he was 18 months old, he’s now almost 25 months. He also started earlier than most, but it was all him, he wanted to use the potty so we let him. I just follow his lead, I ask him everyday if he wants to wear big boy underwear and sometimes he’ll tell me yes and other times he’s just not into it and I can’t push him, he’s the type that we just need to allow him to do it on his own time.

When we started potty training, like I said, he was 18 months old… I had such a hard time finding little underwear that fit him! I did, however, find some great ones on They fit him great and they have a bit of padding in the bottom of them so when he does have accidents (which is every time he wears them) it doesn’t run down his leg and make a big mess. I wish that I had them with our oldest son! You can find them here.

So, don’t forget… just ask them to toot and before you know it they’ll be going potty in the toilet! 😉