Here is My Secret Weapon at Bedtime

Here is my secret weapon at bedtime

Our 2 year old unfortunately takes after me as far as being a night owl. He will fight falling asleep for hours! While he’s fighting his sleep, he’s also playing with my hair the entire time, which you can read about here. I have tried everything to get him to relax and fall asleep, but there’s only 1 thing that has worked for us…. are you ready to know what my secret weapon at bedtime is?! It’s diffusing lavender essential oil!

I had heard about essential for awhile, but I was skeptical. I had even worked at a veterinary clinic that used oils to disinfect, help the clinic smell better, and even used them on the pets in some cases. I had used peppermint oil on myself when I had a headache or my stomach was upset, so I knew that they worked, but still I was skeptical about bringing them into our home.

Here is my secret weapon at bedtimeI started seeing stories from my friends on Facebook about how the oils were helping their family and I started to consider investing in them. The main reason that I started to consider them was because of our 2 year old. I was desperate to find a way to calm his mind and help him relax for bed. I talked to my husband and he was skeptical like me, but we finally decided that we should try it. We decided to invest in Young Living Essential Oils because they have been selling essential oils for over 25 years, and create the purest oils with their seed to seal process.

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We decided to purchase the Premium Starter Kit so that we would be wholesale members and receive the wholesale price, but we wouldn’t have to sell the oils if we didn’t want to. Once our kit came in the mail the first thing that I did was open each bottle and smell them! The next thing that I did was read about the diffuser that came with our kit and how to use it. I knew that I wanted to diffuse Lavender oil that night to try and get S2 to bed. The diffuser was so easy to use that I was able to plug it in the babies room, add water and lavender oil to it and I was ready!

Once it was S2’s bed time we went into his room and I laid him in his bed, which usually ends up in many tears and a lot of yelling on his part. I was hoping that there would be a difference but again, I was still a skeptic. He laid down in his bed, stared at the differ lights, he got up a couple times and wanted to play with my hair so I allowed him to play with it for a minute and asked him if he was ready to lay down. He literally fell asleep after about 30 minutes… typically he wouldn’t fall asleep at all and we would end up back in the living room.

After that night I tried just putting the oil on the bottoms of his feet because I read that can also help calm little ones down, but that didn’t help much at all. I’ve found that the only thing that works for him, and really all of us is diffusing the lavender oil. I don’t do it every night like I should because I tend to forget, and then get mad at myself because it works to well! My plan is to get myself into a routine where I put the diffuser into the little boys room at night and diffuse the lavender right before bed time.

If you have a little one that has a hard time falling a sleep at night I would highly recommend trying lavender essential oil!