My Review of the 3 Pack SavvyBaby Swaddle Blankets

Here is my review of the SavvyBaby Swaddle Blanket

I was given the opportunity to review the 3 pack SavvyBaby Swaddle Blankets. I was very impressed with these blankets! They are made from 100% cotton, so they’re nice and breathable. They have 3 different unisex patterns that are really nice and the velcro works perfectly.

I have tried many different types of swaddle blankets between all 3 boys and I was very impressed with the SavvyBaby swaddle blankets! The cotton was nice and soft and felt very high quality so I had no problem putting S3 into it. I really like cotton swaddles because they’re so breathable that you’re able to put your little one into any type of outfit that you’d like and not have to worry about them overheating with the swaddle on. Here is my review of the SavvyBaby Swaddle Blanket

The package states that these swaddle blankets are for a weight of 7-14 lbs, but S3 is almost 18 lbs and he fit into it. It was a bit of a tight squeeze because of his length but I was still able to velcro the sides nicely and he did great in it! I wasn’t able to secure the middle velcro, but that’s only because he was technically too big, otherwise it would have secured perfectly. I think that it size for these is right on, and it gives you a good 3-4 months of use before you would need to upgrade to a larger size, if needed.

My Review of the SavvyBaby 3 pack Swaddle Blankets

I was impressed with the quality of the velcro on these swaddle blankets. I have had some where the velcro don’t stick very well, or didn’t have a place to stick when I was washing it, but these do! Once S3 tried escaping he wasn’t able to pop the velcro, which I thought was impressive, since he’s 4 lbs larger than the package states. Each velcro tab easily fold down when you’re using it so that it doesn’t stick to everything in the washing machine, which was a plus for me because I hate when clothes stick together and a lot of the time it causes damage to the other piece of clothing.

The unisex design was really nice! We didn’t find out of the sex of any of out children, so we had a lot of unisex colored things, and a lot those unisex items were still either too girly for the boys or too boyish for girls. These are a chevron, polka dot and plain green, so I would be very comfortable using these on either a girl or boy.

I think that it price of these blankets it spot on. The cost of similar swaddle blankets on the market are around $10 more and the quality of these is just as good. I would easily pay the $22 for these great blankets! They also offer a 100% money back guarantee if for some reason you’re not happy with their product!

**I received this product for free in exchange for an UNBIASED review

If you’re looking for a unisex baby shower gift, new baby gift, or you just need a new swaddle blanket for your little one I think that you would be very satisfied with these. You can order them from Amazon here