Toddler Craft Tuesday: Pony Bead Candy Cane

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Pony Bead Candy Cane

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Pony Bead Candy Cane

This week I was feeling in the Christmas Spirit, even though I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet! I thought that it would be a fun idea to make a Pony Bead Candy Cane. I still have some that my brother and I made when we were young at daycare. I hang them on our Christmas tree every year.

What you will need:

Pipe Cleaner – Green

Pony Beads – Red and White

Pony Bead Candy Canes are great for hand/eye coordination Click To Tweet

Making these candy canes is wonderful for your their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. I had never done anything like this with our little guy before so I purchased 2 different types of beads, 1 that had a larger hole just in case it was difficult for him, but he bought right on after me showing him once. I will say that he lost interest rather quickly, but he started stringing the other beads onto another pipe cleaner because they were all different colors and different than what I wanted him to do. He liked how it turned out after we were finished though.

All you do to start is bend the end of the pipe cleaner and add the first bead so that they don’t push them all the way off and make a big mess (trust me, this happened the first time we tried).

Than just have them place the beads onto the pipe cleaner alternating colors. I found it best to hand him each bead in the order that they needed to go on. Once they get to the end you just bend a small amount over and push it into the last bead, then bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of a candy cane. It’s as east as that!




Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

This week we wanted stick with the Thanksgiving theme since it’s only a couple of weeks away! Per usual, this is another simple craft, but it involves a little more help from mom and dad. This project is great for helping those little ones with their safety scissor skills! This was our little guys first time using safety scissors, or scissors at all, and I was amazed at how well he did! It’s also a good sensory activity since you’re putting paint on their hands,Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

What you will need:

Construction Paper – Blue and Green

Safety Scissors

Glue Stick

Cotton Balls

Acrylic Paint – Brown, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green

5 paintbrushes

Googly Eyes


First, you will want to hold the green paper and give your little one that safety scissors. I held the paper between the scissors so all he had to do was cut down. You could also put the paper so that some of it is hanging off the table and tape it so that it doesn’t fall off, then have them cut the end that’s off of the table. The goal is to make it look like grass.

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

Once your little one has cut the grass it’s time to glue it onto the background! I always give him full control of the glue stick, which is why this week you will notice the big discolored line between the turkeys… that was dried glue. He went a little crazy this time. I just tell myself that it gives the project character!

I just tell myself that it gives the project character! Click To Tweet

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

The fun part comes next! You get to paint their little hands! I did one at a time so that I could wipe one off before we did the other, I imagined paint all over my table otherwise. I painted the palm of his hand and thumb brown, then each finger a different color between yellow, orange, red and green. I used a different paint brush for each color so that I could move quicker, my guy isn’t very patient and I didn’t want the paint to dry. After their hands are painted help them “stamp” their hand on the paper. I found that it helped to push down on the top of his hand and each finger. (Don’t be afraid to make the paint really thick on their hand!)

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

While their hand stamps dry you can have them glue the cotton clouds onto the top of the paper! I just took some cotton balls and unrolled the ones that would unroll easily, if they didn’t then I just helped my son pull them apart so that they looked like clouds. I had him glueing them onto the paper as we were pulling them apart, just to keep the mess minimal.

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Turkey Hands and Cotton Clouds

The very last thing that you want to do to finish is add one googly eye to each thumb! I waited until the paint was dry to add ours. Then it’s time to show off on the refrigerator! 🙂
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Toddler Craft Tuesday: Feather Turkey

Toddler Craft Tuesday - Feather Turkey

This week my son made a Feather Turkey for Toddler Craft Tuesday! He really enjoyed this project because he was able to use the glue stick all by himself (I’m brave, I know). This is another very easy craft that you will probably have most everything for already.

If you have an Amazon Prime account you can easily order anything that’s needed for this or any of my projects. I love Amazon Prime because I’m able to get free 2 day shipping on most products. It’s especially great during the holiday season! I rarely go out of my house to Christmas shop anymore! 🙂

What you will need:

Construction Paper – found here

Colorful Feathers – found here

Small Googly Eyes – found here

Brown Colored Pencil or Crayon

Glue Stick – found here

First you will want to draw a simple turkey on the piece of construction paper and add the googly eyes. I let him color the turkey, but that didn’t last too long.Toddler Craft Tuesday: Feather Turkey

Then, I gave him the glue stick… yep, he had full control, and guess what?! He did great! He applied the glue himself where he wanted it and he stuck the feathers on all by himself. I would help him press them down sometimes because he would forget. I gave him the glue stick... yep, he had full control Click To Tweet

This week's Toddler Craft Tuesday project is a Feather Turkey

That’s it, now it’s ready to go hang on Grandma’s refrigerator! (Well, that’s usually the case at this house!)

Toddler Craft Tuesday- Feather Turkey

Toddler Craft Tuesday: Q-Tip Tree

This week for Toddler Craft Tuesday we created a Q-Tip Tree!

This weeks Tuesday Toddler craft is a Q-Tip Tree! I thought that this was fitting since it’s Fall and all. W2 enjoyed painting this tree, both because it was fun and also because he didn’t get his hands too messy. He doesn’t like his getting his hands dirty, he’s always been that way.This week for Toddler Craft Tuesday we created a Q-Tip Tree!

I enjoyed this craft because it was cheap, I already had everything that I needed on hand, and it was super easy! It was fun watching him choose where he wanted to “dot” the Q-Tip next and then watch his little mind work as he decided to “pull” the Q-tip down the paper and watch the line form. Holding the Q-Tip is great for their fine motor development.

Here’s what you will need:

1 Piece of Construction Paper  SunWorks Smart-Stack Construction Paper, 9″ x 12″, 11 Colors, 300 Count (6525)

1 Brown Marker

Today's Toddler Craft Tuesday is a Q-Tip Tree!


Acrylic Paint – Tan, Red, Orange, Yellow (or any other fall colors that you have) Plaid PROMOABII Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint, 2-Ounce, Best Selling Colors II

Egg Carton or something that will hold the paint and your toddler can easily dip the Q-Tip intoThis week for Toddler Craft Tuesday we are making a Q-Tip Tree!


  • Color the tree trunk on the construction paper with the brown marker.
  • Place each color paint into its own spot in the egg carton
  • Place 1 Q-Tip into each color paint
  • Show your little one how to take the Q-Tip and “dot” the paper with the paint
  • Sit back and watch as you see their little minds go to work

I like to just stand there and let him do his thing. I will hold onto the paper for him sometimes because he still has a hard time remembering to do that. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to sit there and watch him do things differently than I imagined, but I know that in the end it is his artwork and he can only be proud of himself  if it’s sometimes that he truly did ON HIS OWN.

I know that he would love to see your little one’s artwork in the comments! (I promise that I’ll show him)