Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream by Vivant Skin Care Review

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My experience with Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream by Vivant Skin Care

I don’t know about you, but I always have dark circles under my eyes. I’ve always had them, but they’ve gotten worse since having children (shocker). I’ve been given the opportunity to try Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream by Vivant Skin Care which soften fines lines, brighten dark circles, and reduces puffiness.

Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream by Vivant Skin Care Review

I don’t typically use a special cream for my eyes but I hate my dark circles so I thought that since I was given this opportunity I would take advantage of it! When I received the bottle it didn’t come with any directions or anything, so I checked the bottle. It just says “Apply daily to eye area,” so that’s what I did. Well, apparently I used way too much because it was all in my bottom eye lashes and took forever to dry. I began to use less and less each day and now I’m only using a very very small amount, a little goes a very long way with this stuff! I was using it daily as the bottle states with no skin irritation.

A couple of days ago I received a large packet in the mail from Vivant Skin Care, I opened the envelope and there was a lot of fliers for their other products but there was also directions for the Wink cream. The directions stated that you should start out using the cream every other day for a week and work your up to using it twice daily as tolerated. I’m still only using it once a week. I have no problem with that but I think that this information should have been sent with the product, if I did have any irritation before I received the packet I would have stopped using it and not tried it again.

I will say though, after using this cream I have noticed a difference with the dark circles. I was a good review blogger and took a before and after picture, but guess what… my phone got all messed up the other day and I had to delete like 300 photos and apparently I was on a roll and deleted the before picture. I’ve found a couple of picture from before and after, unfortunately they’re not great and they’re not just of my eyes, but you get the idea!Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream

I like that it can be used during the day underneath concealer with SPF. I always use concealer because of the dark circles under my eyes. If I could only choose 2 makeup items to use, it would be eye liner and concealer… I’d make it work LOL.

Product Specs:

Vitamin A which diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and crow’s feet and protects against further photoaging and free radical damage.
Oligopeptides which stimulate the production of naturally-occurring collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin, which are lost with advancing age.
Kojicacid which is derived from Japanese mushrooms. It lightens the skin and prevents pigmentation.
Caffeine which brightens dark circles and eliminates puffiness around the eyes.
Aloe which is an anti-inflammatory agent that leaves the delicate eye area soothed.
Oatextracts soothe the skin, locking in moisture and further protecting the skin.
Grape seed oil helps tighten the skin and is a potent antioxidant and hydrator with anti-inflammatory properties.

If you’re interested in purchasing Wink Eye Rejuvenation Cream you can find it here

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