100 Days of Happiness: Week 3

100 Days of Happiness: Week 3

100 Days of Happiness: Week 3

Day 14: Today was a somewhat stressful day. We’re all getting over this virus which I’m so grateful about, but the baby is having a tough time, so after we picked our oldest son up from school we headed to the doctor. She gave the baby a steroid injection, oral steroid, oral antibiotic and breathing treatments. My happiness came when the injection kicked in and the junk in his lungs started loosening, which happened within an hour!

100 Days of Happiness: Week 3Day 15: Today was better! I was able to get a lot accomplished with the blog, which always make me happy when I start to get a head! The baby is feeling much better already. He’s starting to eat better and he’s bouncing around and playing a lot more. I love so much to watch our boys play and be happy. When they’re happy, that makes me happy.

Day 16: Today was a great day. I was very productive and had the opportunity to snuggle our little guy. He snuggles the least out of the 3 boys, so when he wants to sit with me I 100 Days of Happiness: Week 3milk it! The boys and I were also happy because my husband was able to come home early this week, so it was nice to be able to see him.

Day 17: I had fun today. I was able to volunteer at our sons school for the book fair, thanks to my mom. I love being able to volunteer, but it can be difficult to do when I have the 2 little guys at home. Our oldest son just loves when I’m able to make it out to his school to 100 Days of Happiness: Week 3help. We also had parent/teacher conferences today and our sons teacher said that he’s very well liked, he’s doing great in school and she doesn’t have any concerns. It always makes me happy to hear nice things about our children. After my husband and I got home we allowed the boys to eat some ice cream together and watch a movie since there’s no school tomorrow. At the end of the night, my best friend tagged me in a picture on Facebook that made my week. It’s something so simple but everyone mom needs to hear it… “Just in case you haven’t heard it today… You Are An Amazing Mom!!!” – Hot Moms Club


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Day 18: The boys and I went out to lunch with my husband because we love being able to spend time with him. After we left lunch we went and visited my mom and soon to be sister-in-law during their lunch. My mom loves getting surprise visits from the boys. When we were on our way home we made a stop at Biggby Coffee… because it’s our favorite, and I was happily surprised to find out that I had a free drink so I was only charged for my sons hot chocolate… score!100 Days of Happiness: Week 3

Day 19: Our oldest son had his first basketball game today and he did well considering the fact that his team hasn’t had a practice together yet! It’s always fun watching him do something that he enjoys. Today is also the start to my “Deer Widows Weekend,” my husband left for deer camp after the basketball game. Hopefully he’ll be lucky enough to bring home a big buck!

100 Days of Happiness: Week 3Day 20: The boys and I were pretty lazy today. We just kind of lounged around until about 1:00 pm, then we finally went grocery shopping. After we ate dinner our oldest son wanted to go over and play with his friend so we all went over and hung out for a couple of hours. All 6 kiddos had so much fun together, and it was nice to talk to a friend. It made me happy watching the boys put on a concert for us, and play with the baby, then our middle son decided it was a fun idea to put on dress heals and straighten our hair with a play hair straightener! Silly kiddos! I can’t imagine my life without them.