Toddler Craft Tuesday: Feather Turkey

Toddler Craft Tuesday - Feather Turkey

This week my son made a Feather Turkey for Toddler Craft Tuesday! He really enjoyed this project because he was able to use the glue stick all by himself (I’m brave, I know). This is another very easy craft that you will probably have most everything for already.

If you have an Amazon Prime account you can easily order anything that’s needed for this or any of my projects. I love Amazon Prime because I’m able to get free 2 day shipping on most products. It’s especially great during the holiday season! I rarely go out of my house to Christmas shop anymore! 🙂

What you will need:

Construction Paper – found here

Colorful Feathers – found here

Small Googly Eyes – found here

Brown Colored Pencil or Crayon

Glue Stick – found here

First you will want to draw a simple turkey on the piece of construction paper and add the googly eyes. I let him color the turkey, but that didn’t last too long.Toddler Craft Tuesday: Feather Turkey

Then, I gave him the glue stick… yep, he had full control, and guess what?! He did great! He applied the glue himself where he wanted it and he stuck the feathers on all by himself. I would help him press them down sometimes because he would forget. I gave him the glue stick... yep, he had full control Click To Tweet

This week's Toddler Craft Tuesday project is a Feather Turkey

That’s it, now it’s ready to go hang on Grandma’s refrigerator! (Well, that’s usually the case at this house!)

Toddler Craft Tuesday- Feather Turkey

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