You Have a Perfect Life.

You Have a Perfect Life

You Have a Perfect LifeI was told recently that someone thinks I have a “perfect” life. My initial reaction was “my life is far from perfect.” In my mind the perfect life has a husband who is always home and able to play with the boys and help around the house; not having to worry about paying the bills, having a maid come clean our house and a chef cook our food! I didn’t have any of that, my life is not perfect. Believe it or not, that was a hard thing for to hear for some reason.

Our boys only get 6 hours a week if they’re lucky with my husband because he works 7 days a week to support our family. I rarely get to go out without the boys (which I love, don’t take it the wrong way) but sometimes mommy needs a night out! We live pay check to pay check because we made the decision that it was best for me to stay at home. My house is always a mess and I struggle to keep it clean and picked up. How could someone think that this is perfect?!

My life IS perfect.I couldn’t stop thinking about that comment. The more that I thought about it, the more I realized that I was thinking about it all wrong. I needed to change my frame of mind and stop thinking so negatively. My life IS perfect! We have 3 healthy, funny, crazy boys who keep us on our toes and give us all the love in the world. Our 8 year old is amazing, yes, he’s a typical 8 year old who argues and drives us crazy sometimes but he’s always there to help me when I need it. I have an amazing husband who works his life away, not for himself, but for our family. I’m lucky enough to have a lot of family & friends near us, so when I’m in a pinch there’s usually someone who’s able to help out. I’m fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with our boys… I need to remember how big of a deal this is; there are so many mothers out there who would love for nothing else but to be able to be with their children all day long. Yes, my house is always a mess and yes, I’m probably always going to struggle with it, but if that’s the worst of my problems I’m ok with it!

Thank You.. My Life IS perfectI’ve realized that I need to stop thinking about the negative things in my life and focus on the positive. I need to remember that my life IS perfect. I need to appreciate all of the good in my life and remember that the bad just makes me stronger. The next time that someone says “your life is perfect,” my response will be “Thank you… yes it is.”




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  1. Life is always about how you perceive it. Thats the beauty of it all. No matter what happens on the outside, its what we see, feel and think in the inside that matters.

    It’s always great to take a trip down gratitude lane, because no matter how bad we think we have it, there is always someone in a way worst situation than we are.

    Great blog.


    1. Thank you James for taking the time to read my blog. I agree that there is always someone out there in a worse situation than we are, and I needed to step back for a minute and remind myself of that.

  2. Sometimes people don’t understand all that is going on in a person’s life. We can only see what we are shown – everything else is private. I’m sure the person meant well, or was a bit jealous. No matter what our situation, someone elses life will always be worse and maybe, just maybe, they really do think your life is perfect and wish they were living it instead – even if it doesn’t seem perfect to you. This is a great post though, and makes me remember to be mindful of what I say to other people about their lives.

    1. Thank you Christina, I agree that we can only see what we’re shown and people only see what you allow them to see. That’s when I put myself in her shoes and looked at my life through her eyes and realized that it truly was perfect and I needed to change the way that I looked at everything.

  3. I feel the same way. My husband works a lot to support us on one income (nothing like your husband, though! Oh my goodness, 7 days a week?!), so I’m basically at home alone all the time with our 3 sons. But you’re right: through all the craziness, it IS a perfect life. You’re so not alone in this!
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    1. Thank you Caroline, I should probably clarify that he doesn’t always work 7 days a week, but more often than not that’s the case. It’s hard when you’re so wrapped up with business of everyday life to take a step back and remember what’s important.

  4. Well put! I had a pretty hectic emotional time a couple of years ago and rode it out with the help of philosophy. Yes, really!

    I’m sorry, but I’m about to launch into a brief history lesson! Stoicism is an ancient Greek & Roman philosophy that sought to gain control over your emotions, to suppress the negative ones and rejoice in the positives. The aim was to be constantly happy no matter what your circumstances or stress levels. Two of the most famous writers were a slave and an emperor!

    Anyway, they had a “game” that can be pretty unpleasant. To play it you imagine your life without something you value, like you lose your job or your house. Really imagine it, spend some time at it. Now imagine all the heartbreak that goes with it, then imagine how you’d cope with it and finally keep on imagining until you’ve come out the other side and you’re ok, you’ve survived a major personal disaster.

    Now let yourself realize that you have whatever you imagined was lost and even though your imaginary life ended okay, how lucky are you that you still do have that job or house. You really get a euphoric burst of gratitude!!
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    1. It’s funny that you say this! This happened to me not that long ago, I didn’t imagine my life without something on purpose, I was just very tired and emotional, and it happened. It’s a very eye opening experience isn’t it?!

  5. Love this! I feel the same way so often- I’ve ruined our financial security to be a SAHM. I’m exhausted/never without the kids, and my hubby works like crazy to make ends meet. But yes- in so many ways it is perfect. I have so much that so many people dream of!
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    1. Yes, it’s too easy to focus on the negative. I try to remind myself that there are mothers everywhere who would give everything to be able to stay home with their children.

  6. “Thank you… yes it is.” I LOVE that!! I find myself in a similar situation as you with four kids under 7, the 5th on the way, a hubby that works tireless hours, and an ever messy house, wishing for that maid to clean and chef to cook, lol. But girl, you’ve got the right perspective! I love your attitude about this season and I am loving your heart. Thanks so much for linking up with us at 100 Happy Days and sharing your lovely story.


    1. I can’t imagine 4 children under 7! You’re amazing! I’m trying very hard to change my perspective because it’s just too easy to look at the negative when there’s far too much positive that can be focused on.

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